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Financial Calculators

Ready to get a clearer picture of your finances? Our financial calculators can help you make sense of your mortgage, compare rates and loans, stick to your budget, and save for big milestones like college or retirement. Find a helpful calculator below to get started.

Compare rates and terms and estimate your monthly payments.
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Amortization Loan
Determine how much money you pay in principal and interest over time with an amortization loan.
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Compound Savings
See how much your money can grow over a specified period of time.
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Retirement Planning
Calculate how much you need to retire the way you want.
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Debt Consolidation
Should you consolidate your debt? Use the calculator to see if it’s right for you.
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Mortgage Qualifier
Find out what home loan you can afford based on your income and home purchase price.
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Mortgage Refinance
Is refinancing worth it? Our mortgage finance calculator can help you decide.
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Bi-weekly Mortgage
Is a bi-weekly mortgage a better deal for you? Use the calculator to compare payment plans.
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Mortgage Payoff
Estimate your savings with early mortgage payoff.
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Cool Millionaire
Determine when you’ll become a millionaire based on your rate of savings and return on investment.
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Home Budget Analysis
Get a handle on your monthly household income and expenditures with our home budget analysis tool.
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College Savings
Determine whether you’re on track to reach your education goals.
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Make financial decisions confidently

Explore our Financial Literacy Hub for advice on spending, saving, banking, investing and more.

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Money Market Accounts

Put your extra cash to work

Earn higher interest and maintain access to your money.

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