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No Closing Cost Mortgage Financing

Whether it’s your first home or your sixth, we can help make the buying process much easier with our no closing cost mortgage. True to its name, you pay no closing costs. That alone can reduce your upfront costs on a new home by thousands of dollars. You can use that money to help pay your down payment and possibly eliminate the need for private mortgage insurance. You could use the extra cash for moving costs or redecorating your new home. Use it for whatever you want—it’s up to you. But you can be certain your dedicated mortgage banker will help you through the entire application and approval process. We’ll have your back, every step of the way. Ready to take the first step? Get in touch with our mortgage team, get prequalified or start your mortgage application online now.

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“We’re so happy we chose this bank for our first mortgage. We had a very tricky situation and Kathy was absolutely wonderful. She was very caring and hardworking and helped us achieve a happy ending.”
Jamestown, NY
6 Easy Steps
Organize Your
Make a budget that works for you and stick to it.
Know how much home you can afford prior to submitting a purchase offer.
Your Team
Mortgage lender. Real estate agent. Attorney. All playing for you. 
This is the fun part—it’s time to tour some digs. Take your time and make an informed decision.
Fund and
You’ve found the perfect home and made an offer. Cross the T’s, dot the I’s and trust your team.
for Joy
Your offer was accepted. Now break into your happy dance.