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Community Bank Systems, Inc. Diversity Council

The Community Bank Systems, Inc. (CBSI) Diversity Council grew from the ground up. Once the seed was planted, one person raised a hand to foster it, and then another and another. Before long, more than 100 team members volunteered to serve as Diversity Council members. The passion to support this initiative was obvious before it even had a name.

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Now, the CBSI Diversity Council includes 23 members and 83 ambassadors, all serving as representatives of our more than 3,000 employees. They are the eyes, the ears and, more importantly, the voices of the community that is our company.

Our Mission is to put faces and names to the concepts of diversity and inclusion. We are here to make sure no one feels unheard, unseen or uninvited. Through that effort, we’ll foster a culture that doesn’t just accept diversity, but values it. 

Monthly Spotlight

“We are proud to inaugurate our Diversity Council webpage during Black History Month and celebrate a transformative Black American: Miss Maggie Lena Walker. The daughter of a slave, she grew up to become the first Black woman to charter and serve as president of a bank in America. She is the embodiment of the second Kwanzaa Principle—Kujichagulia (koo-jee-chah-GOO-lee-ah)—self-determination.”

Freddie Jacobs, Jr., CPA, Senior Vice President, Chief Risk Officer, Northeast Retirement Services, LLC and Diversity Council Chair

Committed to Doing What’s Right

The events of 2020 re-energized our commitment to culture by focusing it on our responsibility to foster equality and equity. We’re looking to our company’s culture—one that we’re already proud of—and we’re giving it new purpose to make it even better.

Celebrating Diversity Year-Round
In Tandem

We recently donated $1,000 to Community Bikes to help them support In Tandem, a project designed to provide a shared bike-riding experience for individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities who may not be able to ride independently. Participants are paired with student athletes from Colgate University on tandem bikes.

AACCD Donation
African American Center (AACCD)

The African American Center for Cultural Development (AACCD) intends to preserve and display a portion of nearly one hundred years or more of African American history in the Southern Tier Region of New York State. In February 2021, we donated $5,000 to help fund the creation of its new museum.

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