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Community Bank System, Inc. Diversity Council

The Community Bank System, Inc. (CBSI) Diversity Council grew from the ground up. Once the seed was planted, one person raised a hand to foster it, and then another and another. Before long, more than 100 team members volunteered to serve as Diversity Council members. The passion to support this initiative was obvious before it even had a name.

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Now, the CBSI Diversity Council includes 23 members and 83 ambassadors, all serving as representatives of our more than 3,000 employees. They are the eyes, the ears and, more importantly, the voices of the community that is our company.

Our Mission is to put faces and names to the concepts of diversity and inclusion. We are here to make sure no one feels unheard, unseen or uninvited. Through that effort, we’ll foster a culture that doesn’t just accept diversity, but values it.

“There is nothing more important to me than our culture–who we are, what our values are and how we treat each other. That certainly includes a commitment by our organization that any discrimination, racism or inequality of any kind will never be acceptable or tolerated. Our culture and our values are the source of our strength, our sustainability, and our capacity to support our employees, our communities and our shareholders. Thank you.”
Mark Tryniski, CEO and President of Community Bank System, Inc. (CBSI)
Monthly Spotlight

Since 1989, Outright Vermont has been building hope, equity, and power with LGBTQ+ youth in Vermont. It was created in the wake of a national survey that found that queer youth were at dramatically higher risk of suicide than their heterosexual peers, and its purpose is to help people navigate difficult mental and emotional challenges on their path of self-discovery. From peer-support groups and workshops to educational programs and community events, Outright Vermont is a force for mental health in the LGBTQ+ community.

Committed to Doing What’s Right

The events of 2020 re-energized our commitment to culture by focusing it on our responsibility to foster equality and equity. We’re looking to our company’s culture—one that we’re already proud of—and we’re giving it new purpose to make it even better.

Celebrating Diversity Year-Round
CBNA Province Town 2021
‘P-Town’ Stands for Pride

“Provincetown, MA, is a beachside hamlet at the very tip of Cape Cod. For such a small place, it’s always been big on inclusion and openness. P-Town has a long tradition of embracing what others may consider non-traditional. From the drag shows that have been taking place since the 1950s to the art galleries that helped form what it is today. I try to go for at least a long weekend each year and it feels like coming home. It’s a relaxing beach vacation in a place that wants you not for your tourist dollars but to share your experiences and encourage you to be who you are.”

– Lakeisha Turner, Vice President, Northeast Retirement Services, LLC

Celebrating Freedom, Striving for Equity

Juneteenth is celebrated each year to recognize and celebrate the emancipation of slaves in the United States. While emancipation occurred in January of 1863, the news did not reach the last enslaved people until June of 1865 when union soldiers delivered the proclamation in Galveston, TX. More than 155 years later, the reverberations of that year continue, reminding us of how far we’ve come and how far we have still yet to go toward building equitable communities wherever we are.

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