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Our Story

Community Bank, N.A.'s roots can be traced back to 1866, when our predecessor, St. Lawrence County National Bank, was chartered. As we've expanded into the Northern Tier, Southern Tier, Western New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Western Massachusetts, we've always remembered what got us here—our customers. And it's evident in everything we do.

For over 150 years, we’ve served the financial needs of our customers. They’re the reason we exist. Of course, many companies make that claim. At Community Bank, we take it to heart. It’s why we make such a big deal about customer service. We don’t see going the extra mile as extra at all. It’s simply business as usual.

Strength in people

The following numbers tell a positive story of growth. More important, they tell a human story of longstanding community service and giving. All numbers apply to fiscal year 2020.

  • Ranked #7 in our region1 by Forbes2
  • 225+ branches
  • 3,000+ friendly, local employees
  • 2,100+ causes and organizations supported
  • $2,200,000 in donations, grants and sponsorships
  • 650,000+ customers
  • Forbes Top 12 twelve years running
Happy, the best way to bank

We use the phrase “bank happy” a lot. Those two words sum up our approach to serving our customers. Sometimes it’s the big things, like a great rate on a mortgage. Other times, it’s smaller gestures, such as a sincere smile. We want to make our customers more than satisfied. We want to make them happy.

The nitty-gritty details

Community Bank, N.A. is the wholly owned national banking subsidiary of Community Bank System, Inc. (CBSI). In 1983, CBSI was incorporated in Delaware and became a registered bank holding company. CBSI maintains its headquarters in DeWitt, NY, and is a full-service financial institution, offering complete consumer, business and financial services.

The bank's regional administrative offices are located in Canton and Olean, NY; Wilkes-Barre, PA; and South Burlington, VT, and these offices share operational responsibility for customer facilities and ATMs throughout New York, Northeastern Pennsylvania, Vermont and Western Massachusetts.

Other subsidiaries within the CBSI family are Nottingham Advisors, Inc., an investment management firm; Benefit Plans Administrative Services, LLC, a national provider for employee benefits and consulting services; The Carta Group, an estate planning and wealth protection firm; OneGroup, a risk management and insurance provider; Community Bank Trust Services, a personal trust and custodial services provider; and Community Investment Services, Inc., a broker/dealer delivering financial products and other insurance products.

“Your employees are especially helpful. They’re very responsive to my needs and are so knowledgeable about banking products and services.”
South Burlington, VT
Painting Fence
Community Involvement
Deeply invested in our communities

We consider it part of our mission—and our privilege and pride—to strengthen the communities we work in with financial support, in-kind donations and volunteer service.

Checking Products
Simply easier

Enjoy plenty of free with Carefree CheckingSM.

Diversity Council
Diversity Council
Moving Our Culture Forward

Our employee-led Diversity Council ensures that everyone we work with—from our customers to our team members to our community members—is seen, heard, and supported. Learn what we’re doing to not just preach diversity, but to value it.

Our Community

VBM Award Announcement

Community Bank N.A. Named Best Bank in Vermont

Community Bank N.A. Named Best Bank in Vermont

women holding award

Devotion to Elevating Others Earns Erinn Perry Woman of the Year’ …

In her role as Public Relations and Community Outreach Manager at Community Bank, Erinn is an expert at putting the spotlight on others and supporting our communities.

Monticia Prather Blog 1200x900

Monticia Prather Recognized with Trailblazer Award

For our own Monticia Prather, it’s not just about what she’s accomplished, but how she’s done it.

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