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CBNA Credit Companion℠

Your credit score is a major component of your financial wellness. It impacts the terms of your loans and credit cards, and can alert you to suspicious activity on your accounts. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your credit—and we’ve made it easy with CBNA Credit Companion℠, a free service included with your online and mobile banking accounts.

CBNA Credit Companion℠ gives you access to your credit report, alerts you when your score changes, and even helps you estimate how making a financial move might impact your score. Best of all, using CBNA Credit Companion℠ will not affect your credit or show up on your credit report. Just log in to your account to sign up.

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How do I sign up?

Simply log in to your online or mobile banking account and look for CBNA Credit Companion℠ to sign up.

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Improve your financial wellness.

CBNA Credit Companion℠ gives you tools to track, monitor, and manage your credit, including:

Credit score tracker
View your credit score and see how it’s changed over time.

Credit report access
Check your credit report to review inquiries, open lines of credit, and more.

Debt analysis
See all your open balances and monthly payments in one spot and calculate your debt-to-income ratio.

Change alerts
Get notifications if your credit score or report changes.

Credit score simulator
Estimate how taking out a loan or getting a new credit card could affect your credit score.

Credit education
Learn how your score is determined, how to manage it, and keep it in good standing.

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Thinking about buying a house, consolidating debt, or comparing loans and rates for your next big purchase? Find the calculator that is right for you.

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