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Budget Tools

Bring your accounts together—even those from other financial institutions—with Budget Tools from Community Bank. With your finances tracked in one place, you can categorize purchases, monitor spending habits, create budgets, plan regular expenses and much more.

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Money management made easy

With Budget Tools from Community Bank, you can review your accounts, cash, credit cards, debts, investment categories and all posted transactions from a single dashboard. And with our calendar capabilities, you can forecast your spending and get your budget on track to reaching your financial goals. Watch our video to learn how Community Bank is simplifying money management.

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With the budget tools feature, you can:
  • Monitor your spending across all accounts
  • Create budgets and track spending habits
  • Map out your spending in our cashflow calendar
  • Set and track your financial goals
  • Set alerts for fraud prevention
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Financial Calculators
Plan for your financial future

Thinking about buying a house, consolidating debt, or comparing loans and rates for your next big purchase? Find the calculator that is right for you.

Savings Products
Grow your money free of fees

Choose Free Savings for no-fee, easy access to your cash.

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