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Updated December 9, 2022

Reasons to Make the Most of Online and Mobile Banking Tools

Banks—the actual physical buildings—convey a certain level of security and stability that most industries wish they had. They have been and are trusted to hold other people’s money and keep it safe. Even the idea of a vault has a nostalgic, almost romantic quality to it. It’s literally called “a safe” for that reason. And because of all of that, people have readily and confidently handed their livelihood over to banks for safekeeping for generations.

But over that time, the world has evolved. It’s a digital world now, and that is particularly true when it comes to money. Banks have evolved with the times to provide digital tools to help their customers keep pace. First, it was online banking from a person’s home computer, and now it’s mobile banking from handheld devices on the go.

However, not everyone is comfortable making the jump from in-person banking to online or mobile options, even though those tools have quickly become as secure and reliable as a visit to a branch location. It’s important to remember that not only are these digital tools secure, but they actually can help people manage their finances better than they’ve ever been able to before. Here are the top four reasons to make the most of online and mobile banking.

Superior Money Management

Whether you prefer to sit down with your computer or you’re comfortable on your phone, you have the clearest window into your finances. This ability to oversee transactions in real time helps you stay ahead of potential financial problems, and it also helps you map out your budget effectively. You can learn a lot from reviewing your spending habits, putting yourself in position to set better goals and save.

24/7 Access to Funds (and Banking Resources)

For as accommodating as branch locations can be, they are still limited to certain hours of availability. Using online and mobile banking means you can access your accounts at any time, whether you need to deposit a check, move money between accounts or schedule (or stop) a payment. This can all happen on your time.

One-Stop-Shop for Paying Bills

Using Electronic Bill Pay services make paying your monthly recurring bills simple and straight-forward. And if something causes a last-minute change to your financial situation, you’re able to update those payments immediately through those digital tools, sidestepping late fees in the process.

Alerts and Notifications

Online and mobile banking platforms are customizable with multiple alerts and notifications that ensure your finances don’t catch you off-guard. Alerts can let you know when your balance is low, when a large purchase has been made, or if there’s irregular activity on your account. These features mitigate the damage caused by lost or stolen cards, identity theft, and other threats.

Safety and Security

One-time passcodes, two-factor authentication, and biometric recognition features help prevent unwanted access to your accounts. You can also receive alerts if your account has been accessed by an unrecognized device, allowing you to take action if needed.

They’re Free!

There are no fees or charges for using online or mobile banking. They’re simply free digital tools that give you greater control and access to your money.

There are many other features and benefits to using online and mobile banking tools, all of which help you become more capable of managing your finances. Just like smartphones and the internet itself, you’ll wonder how you ever did without them.

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