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Updated November 9, 2020

10 Options for Couples Looking for a Date Night on a Dime

If you’re in a relationship—particularly a long-term one—then you already know all about date nights. With so much on everyone’s to-do list related to work, kids, school, and life in general, couples often turn to this regimented approach to relationship maintenance. And while showing the person you love affection and attention is essential for happy couples, it’s important to be honest about what you can afford to do and how often you can go out on the town.

One reason date nights get put off is cost. Dinner and drinks for two can easily run $100, and couples with kids have to factor in the cost of childcare. Fortunately, there are plenty of budget friendly ways to connect and rekindle with your significant other. Here are 10 ways to get you started!

Hiking & Biking
The Northeast is blessed with some of the best parks in the country, so you’re likely a short drive from being in the middle of nowhere, with just you and your person.

Looking at art of all kinds can bring about conversations and points of view in one another that would otherwise stay quiet. Same goes for subjects like history, science, sports and more.

Dessert, Tea or Coffee
For about $10-$15, you can splurge on two expensive coffees and a pastry, sit back and remember all the reasons you’re together with a nice convo.

Zoos & Botanical Gardens
Ideal for walking and talking, with built-in conversation starters along the way. Whether it’s tigers or tiger lilies, you’ll appreciate the company as much as your surroundings.

Picnic & a Scenic Drive
Much like the hiking option, this will get you outside and surrounded by nature but without all that stress of covering so much ground on foot.

Movie & Snacks
Reclaim the TV room at home, binge a series, rent a movie or put on a classic from way back in your relationship’s early beginnings. And have all the popcorn.

Local Concerts & Performing Arts
Free-to-cheap live music is regularly available around town and even at outdoor venues when the weather is right.

Farmers Markets
When the weather is right, a casual stroll through a good farmers market can be a great chance to slow down and catch up. You don’t even have to buy a thing to enjoy it.

Arcades & Bowling
Throwback activities like these are great for low-stress, low-budget options where you can spend hours without spending much cash. Feel free to get competitive, because this is a win-win option.

Volunteering for a cause you both believe in as a date? Believe it. It’s a chance to feel good about each other and help a local organization at the same time. Maybe not quite as romantic, but still a great source of feels.

Mixing some of these budget-friendly date options into your calendar also makes more lavish outings more palatable. Pick one or two weekends a year to go all-out, but don’t be surprised if the cheap dates are more memorable.

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