Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

When you own a home, you own everything that comes with it, and that includes all of the little (and not-so-little) projects needed to maintain it and make it truly yours. To do these jobs right, it takes dedication, attention to detail, careful planning … and tools.

Not everyone has the same level of skill or comfort with taking on those projects, but all homeowners should own a collection of basic tools and the knowledge to use them for small, common projects. The more advanced you get, the more tools you can feel comfortable investing in—and the more money you could potentially save by not having to hire that work out.

From hanging picture frames to building a deck, the tools you should own should match your skill level or the skill level you plan to reach. So, here’s how your tool collection could look (and estimated costs*), whether you’re an entry-level tool user, a budding DIYer, or an experienced renovator.

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