Simple Home Improvement Ideas to Increase Value

Looking to put your home on the market? We know you already have one foot out the door and are excited to start your next chapter. But, before you make the sale and enter your new adventure, you’ll need to make some home improvements. However, you don’t want to spend so much that you need a whole new loan just to do so. So, how can you make these necessary updates to your home without breaking the bank?

The good news is you can increase the value of your home, and the price you sell it for, by committing to a few quick fixes and cost-effective investments. With these easy improvement tips, you’ll be able to sell for a higher price—and become one step closer to getting both feet in your new place.

Curb Appeal

When potential buyers pull into your driveway, it’s important to have them eager to see the inside of your beautiful home. What’s on the outside of your home plays a large role in that. A lush green lawn sprinkled with fresh mulch around trees and shrubbery give an inviting, healthy feeling. If the yard looks a little bare, you can add a flower garden for color and place potted plants around the edges of your house. Even a freshly painted mailbox adds to the outside aesthetic. These simple touches will make a great first impression on buyers.

Paint is A Very Good Friend

When buyers walk into your home you want them to feel inspired. Adding a new coat of paint to the first room buyers walk into will go a long way. In fact, painting is one of the most cost-effective improvements you can make to add new life to a room. Neutral colors are key. Buyers can easily envision their own furniture and other décor in a room with neutral colors. A freshly painted room can really pop and it makes your home look welcoming, clean and updated.

Clear Up Some Space

As potential buyers are touring through your home (online or in-person), you’d like to give them a fresh canvas to work with. It lets buyers picture what they’d like to do with each area in the house. A good rule of thumb is to remove half of what you have on display, such as knickknacks or other unused items. A large mirror in any room can visually increase its size as well. Next, you could open your curtains up wide or replace them with vertical blinds or shutters that let natural light flood in. An abundance of natural light makes a room feel more spacious – adding valuable square footage to the eye.

Make That Kitchen Shine

A kitchen is often a huge selling point for new buyers. If your kitchen is a touch outdated or looks like it’s had a little wear and tear, don’t worry. After a few minor tweaks, you’ll have it looking great again. We’ve mentioned paint already and how much it can make the rooms of your house look new. Same goes for the kitchen. Freshly painted walls and cupboards can make your kitchen stand out, giving it a nice coordinated look. Replacing small things like cupboard handles, hinges and drawer pulls are little touches that make a big difference.

These small improvements take time but cost little. The result? You can put the extra money you’ll make from selling your house towards improving your new home.

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