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8 Inexpensive Ways to Make an Impact in Your Community

There are all kinds of ways for people to be more involved in their communities and to make an impact in areas of need. However, good-hearted people often struggle with the practical side of giving—the cost. People worry that what they can give isn’t enough to make a difference, and if they can’t give thousands of dollars then there’s no point.

That thought can paralyze people from doing anything at all. But it’s just not true.

And it’s not just because one person CAN make a difference (which, yes, they can). It’s because, when lots of individuals gives what they can, you’re no longer just one person. You’re part of a community.

Not sure where to start? Here are eight ways to get involved in your community this year. Whether it’s money or time, ideas or knowledge, you can give something of greater value than you know.

Volunteer Your Time

This is one of the more obvious, but it’s also one of the most impactful. Organizations that need volunteers often address broad, systemic issues that can’t be addressed with one person. By joining other volunteers, you can see the impact these programs have firsthand.

Donating Clothes, Food, Money, and Other Items

Donations like these are needed in every community. Make a point to sift through your closet each year for clothing drives, as well support your local food banks.

Shop Local & Encourage Others to Do it, Too

Local businesses are the hallmarks (and landmarks) of any community. Buying local helps communities maintain their identity while supporting jobs and keeping money where it can do the most good. When you’re done shopping, leave a positive review online to help spread the word!

Welcome New Neighbors to Town

Greeting new neighbors, introducing yourself to them and making them feel welcome has a way of creating a culture of welcoming. It might cost you a pie or some cookies, but a spoonful of welcoming goes a long way.

Run or Walk for a Causes

There is no shortage of events to support with a stroll or a run. You can pick several throughout the year, or hone on one that truly speaks to you and help that event by recruiting others to participate as well.

Be a Mentor

Share your professional talents or a life skill with a young person who’s trying to figure things out. It can be in a formal office setting and specific to your career, or it can simply be you sharing your perspective on something. Conversation provokes thought, and that can lead to action.

Get CPR/AED Certified

Knowing CPR or how to use an AED machine can make all the difference in the world to a person in an emergency. Community organizations and even businesses often offer this training at little cost, and the benefit is well worth it.

Attend Community Meetings & Vote

Engaged community members help cultivate responsive communities. Attending meetings ensures you have a perspective on what’s going on, where the needs are, and how to help. And when the ballot box is open, make sure your vote is cast.


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