Saxton Sign banks on trust

As president of Saxton Sign, the largest installation company in the Northeast, George Shannon has worked with a lot of commercial banks. He’s learned what’s most important in a banking relationship: trust.

“A big part of growing and expanding a business is trusting you have the support of your lender so you’re not afraid to move forward,” he says.

“Since partnering with Community Bank five and a half years ago, we’ve more than doubled our volume and sales. That’s mainly due to having confidence in our lender. When we need a loan or line of credit for a large project, we don’t have to wait months or weeks for approval. We can bid with confidence knowing we have Community Bank’s support.”

But trust is a two-way street. “It works both ways: We looked for a knowledgeable commercial banker we trust will advocate for us and customize solutions so we can continue to grow. And Community Bank looked for a strong management team they trust to follow through.”

Our relationship with Saxton Sign is so solid, we’ve hired them to upgrade the signage at our branches. They’re proud to help us elevate our image and we’re proud to help them work toward their goal of becoming a regional company.

“Community Bank understands where we want to be in the future, ”George adds. “And I trust they’ll help us get there.”

We think so, too. Because strong partners push businesses forward, together.

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