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Father and Son Outside of a Chiropractic Practice

Dr. Wayne Chapman–Putting Patients First

For Dr. Wayne Chapman, the road to becoming a practicing chiropractor has been a long and winding one. Wayne initially graduated from SUNY Morrisville and was unsure of his career path—until he injured his back while working construction. He sought medical attention at a local chiropractor’s office and hoped they held the answers he was looking for.

That’s when he realized he had found his calling.

After serving a few years as a chiropractor’s assistant, Wayne took the leap and enrolled in New York Chiropractic College’s accelerated doctorate program, which began only ten days after the birth of his first child.

“It wasn’t easy, and there were a few times that my wife Chelsea and I didn’t think it would work or didn’t want it to,” Wayne said. “But I always knew that I had to do it. Something deep down told me this is what I was meant to do.”

As graduation approached in early 2017, Wayne began a business plan to open his own practice and enlisted the help of Community Bank’s local business development officer, Barb Houghton. He knew receiving a business loan was essential to get himself started.

“I knew a lot of extra effort would be required for Wayne to put together a solid business plan for the loan,” Barb said. “As a start-up, I didn’t want him to get his hopes up. Receiving the loan would take time, energy and hard work.”

Together, they set to work on creating a business plan that captured Wayne’s vision, while ensuring it met Barb’s standards for acquiring a loan. After weeks of meticulously writing and editing the plan as a team, the loan request was submitted. A short time later, it was approved.

“I literally jumped up and down when I got the call from Barb. I couldn’t believe it,” Wayne said. “About two days later the nerves started to set in as I realized all that had to be done, but my excitement outweighed my fears.”

He found the perfect spot for his office in Waterville, about 20 minutes from his hometown, and waited patiently for the 90-day close to take place. However, 90 days came and went as the details of the deal were worked out. With a family to feed and another child on the way, Wayne did what good chiropractors do—he made an adjustment. He began making house calls while waiting to obtain the practice of his dreams.

“I honestly didn’t think the people of Waterville would be interested in house calls from a chiropractor, but people were so thankful that they didn’t have to travel,” Wayne said. “It taught me to be humble. I got to see people in their home environment, where they are comfortable, and really get to know them. It was a good reminder that the key to healthcare is making it all about the patient.”

After five long months of waiting, Wayne finally has an office to call his own where he has total control over how it’s run—with personalized patient care at the forefront.

Through his experience with house calls, he decided to alter the design of his office, changing from a clean white interior to a homey setting focused on comfort. His goal is to create a healing environment that makes patients feel like they are coming home as soon as they step through the doors.

Reflecting back on his journey, Wayne recognizes he couldn’t have gotten to where he is today without the support and encouragement of his family.

“My entire family has been there for emotional support the whole way, and my wife has been a superwoman,” Wayne said. “Even while nine months pregnant, Chelsea was calling insurance companies and organizing contractors. Without her, I’d be lost.”

Wayne feels grateful every day that his family never let him give up on his dreams. After years of studying, learning and working hard—and thanks to a rock-solid business plan and business loan he worked on with Barb—Chapman Chiropractic has finally become a reality. A long, winding road to success!


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