Business in Elmira Heights is at the Forefront of Glass for Big Tech

The Corning-Elmira Heights region located in New York State’s southern tier, has a long history steeped in glass and ceramic manufacturing. Even with all that history, it's hard to believe when driving through town that some of the most technologically advanced glass in the world is developed right in Elmira Heights by the father-son-owned Community Glass. Yet, Mike Crouse and his son, Patrick, have certainly built something surprising.

“Supplying parts to Space-X, to NASA, to parts that are now on Mars or in the depths of the ocean or seals that go into pacemakers in the human body,” Mike said, “it’s a neat feeling to be thought of in another part of the world and to have all of those people coming to this little ol’ place in Elmira Heights.”

With their products being used all over the world and beyond, you might think they'd skip town for a more glamorous setting. But, with the help of Community Bank, they're more than happy to stay and grow right at home.


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