SMS Phishing Scams

We are aware of a text messaging scam targeting CBNA and our customers. The text tries to impersonate CBNA to get the recipient to click on a link, which redirects them to fraudulent website that looks similar to CBNA's online banking login.

Please review the following tips to prevent these types of attacks:

  • Never click on a link in an unverified text to check your account.
    • Only send electronic payments to people you know and can independently verify. If you feel pressured to send funds quickly, consider this suspicious.
    • Access CBNA online banking through our mobile app or via our website at:
    • You can change your username and/or password in online banking by clicking on your profile picture then select settings>security. While in the security section, make sure you setup 2-step verification for enhanced security.

    Below are some examples of the fraudulent text messages pretending to be Community Bank in order to gain your information. The sender, link and message can vary and may look similar to this:

Scam image 3 2023

Please note, CBNA does send fraud text alerts to customers to verify certain transactions, but we never ask for you to transfer money or give us your credentials. If you ever get a text and think it is suspicious, don't click the link or call the number sent to you. Instead, reach out to us at 1-866-764-8638, open a new browser to login to your account, or use our mobile app.

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