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Chip cards: The key to smarter, safer shopping

What are chip cards?

Chip cards are debit and credit cards that feature an embedded microchip in addition to the standard magnetic stripe. Today there are 2.4 billion active chip cards used for credit and debit payment at 37 million terminals around the world.1

Why choose a chip card?

Chip cards provide additional security. How? When you make a purchase, the chip creates a one-time code that authorizes the transaction. Because the code is unique and can’t be duplicated, it’s very effective in reducing counterfeit fraud. Paired with Visa®’s Zero Liability Policy, which requires your card issuer to provide provisional credit to your account within five days of a fraudulent transaction, a Visa® chip card from CBNA allows you to shop with peace of mind. The best part? This added security applies to your online purchases, too.

Chip cards are incredibly convenient and all CBNA debit cards have radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, meaning you can pay with a quick tap or scan and get in and out of a store in no time. Look for the Contactless Symbol at checkout terminals in stores and when prompted, tap or bring your card within a few inches of the symbol . Your payment will be securely processed in seconds. Once your payment is confirmed, you’re good to go! 2

If the store you’re shopping at doesn’t have chip- or RFID-enabled technology, don’t worry. You can still pay by swiping the card’s magnetic stripe.

Finding the right chip card for you

All CBNA debit cards are embedded with a chip. To get yours, start by opening one of the following checking accounts with Community Bank:

  • Carefree Checking SM: With easy access, streamlined direct deposit, no fees, no minimum balance, and a convenient mobile app, Carefree CheckingSM makes banking simple so you can focus on what’s important. Plus, it comes with free online and mobile banking, free return of check images, and a free chip card. You even get a free gift and cash back for your old checks when you sign up.
  • 50 & Better Checking: For those who are at least 50 years old, we’ve created a checking account with all the perks of our Carefree CheckingSM PLUS a competitive interest rate. Sit back and let your money work for you.
  • Direct Interest Checking: Under 50 but still want a competitive interest rate? Think of this as our 50 & Better Checking account for all ages. All you need to open a Direct Interest Checking account is a $50 minimum deposit with no minimum balance requirement after that.
  • Premium Interest: Want to make the most out of every dollar you deposit? This is the account for you. With it, you earn a higher interest rate on balances of $1,500 or more. If your balance falls below $1,500, you’ll still get a great competitive rate and pay just an $8 charge. It’s that easy.





Better banking starts with trust—and we’re honored to be recognized for it.

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