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When a Family Needs Help, CBNA Team Rallies to Fundraise More Than $1,000 for Vermont Children’s Hospital

On a summer day in 2006, Jamiee Fisher was enjoying the weather by playing outside with her brother, Cameron, in their Plattsburgh neighborhood. It seemed like just another day when everything changed.

Cameron narrowly avoided being hit by a car, injuring his head on the sidewalk. He was then taken to the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital for treatment – a trip that would ultimately save his life.

This was not the last time Jamiee and her family would need the help of the Burlington hospital. Two years after her brother’s accident, Jamiee’s sister went into labor at 28 weeks and her niece, Harmony, was born at 33 weeks with a cleft pallet. With reconstructive surgeries needed, Harmony spent the first four months of her life at the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital.

When Jamiee reflects on both experiences nearly a decade later, she credits the lives of her niece and brother to the hospital.

“I know that my family wouldn’t have survived without the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital,” Jamiee said. “Their primary concern is the child. When you walk in, you are not just a patient—they make you a part of the family.”

To give back to the hospital, Jamiee and her family consistently participate in the hospital’s annual Change Bandits campaign. However, this year a conversation with her boss inspired Jamiee to do more.

“Community Bank is always looking to raise money for local charities, so one day I was talking to my branch manager, Valerie, about the Change Bandits program and the idea caught fire,” Jamiee said. “The whole Au Sable Forks Community Bank team wanted to help and started brainstorming ideas for fundraisers.”

With the help of her team members, Jamiee started a fundraiser by inspiring five local branches to join in the effort and set up change buckets in each of the branches’ lobbies. In addition, Jamiee coordinated three bake sales and two lunch fundraisers in her branch, and encouraged every branch to participate in Jean Fridays to raise extra funds.

In total, the fundraiser generated $1,059 for the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital and the branches committed approximately 50 hours to the donation.

“It was amazing to see the community we have within the bank,” Jamiee said. “Words can’t explain how grateful I am for the support of my Community Bank team.”

Jamiee and her team are already planning for a bigger and better fundraiser next year, with a goal of $1,500 between all participating branches. If you are interested in becoming your own Change Bandit, visit


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