Strong partners build stronger communities, together

As the financial leader of Broadalbin-Perth Central School District, Marco Zumbolo is responsible for ensuring the district uses its funds to advance education in the most cost-effective way possible. His community—neighbors, taxpayers, colleagues, students, and families—needs to trust he’s a good steward of Broadalbin-Perth’s finances.

Likewise, Marco needs to trust that his municipal bank gives him the best financial guidance, products, and services for the community’s needs. That’s why he partners with Community Bank. We understand the regulatory pressures he faces—and have the experience to help overcome them.

For example, when Marco wanted to increase interest earnings and revenue in a down market, he turned to his local branch manager, Kimberly Roberts. Knowing the district’s fiscal regulations and limitations, Kimberly worked with our Municipal Team to produce an aggressive, very competitive money market account, creating an opportunity Marco didn’t have before and that other banks didn’t provide—an opportunity to better serve his community.

It's all in a day’s work for Community Bank’s municipal team. We do more for municipal customers because enriching the community is a joint venture. With a trusted banking partner by your side, your municipality can thrive.

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