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Founded in 1866 and headquartered in DeWitt, NY, Community Bank has a strong branch network throughout New York, northeastern Pennsylvania and New England. Following the Steuben Trust Company merger, that network will include more than 250 locations. It’s our genuine privilege to serve the small towns and communities that have helped us become nationally recognized for our financial strength. For the 11th consecutive year, Forbes Magazine has ranked Community Bank among the top 12 performing U.S. banks, ranking 10th in 2020 based on financial performance.

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There will be no change to your normal branch hours. Please see the Welcome Booklet mailed to you for early closings during the conversion weekend.

Your account number(s) will remain the same unless you are otherwise notified.

You can continue to use your existing supply of checks until you're ready to re-order. If you do not order your checks through our check provider (Deluxe) and order your checks after the merger, you will need to provide your check vendor with our routing and transit number: 021307559.

You will receive a separate communication about this service.

Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit are FREE with every Community Bank account. If you'd like to use Mobile Banking, simply download our mobile app for iPhone or Android smartphones anytime after the merger.

If you'd like to use Community Bank's Telephone Banking, simply call 1-800-991-4280 anytime after the merger. You'll be asked to enter the last four digits of your tax ID and your account number as identification, then select a secure PIN.

Please see the product sections of the Welcome Booklet for details on your statement(s). Steuben Trust Company will mail a final printed statement for all accounts through the merger date. Please note: If you are enrolled in Steuben Trust Company eStatements, your past eStatements will not be converted and you are encouraged to download and save your most recent statement(s) just prior to conversion weekend. At the first Online Banking login, primary account holders will be prompted to re-enroll for eStatements, which are available free through Community Bank Online Banking.

You will receive a new debit card and personal identification number (PIN) in separate mailings prior to the merger. You can activate your card via Telephone Banking, Online Banking, Mobile Banking or with a PIN based transaction. You can change your PIN when you activate your new card at any Community Bank ATM or through Telephone Banking after the merger.

The Community Bank availability of funds policy may differ from Steuben Trust Company. Please see the Disclosure Booklet that was mailed to you for details.

If you currently have an overdraft sweep or overdraft line of credit that protects your checking account from overdrafts, it will be automatically converted and will continue uninterrupted. If you have an overdraft line of credit, your overdraft activity will be provided on a separate statement and will no longer be combined with your checking account statement. Please see the Disclosure Booklet that was mailed to you for applicable Terms and Conditions.

Community Bank offers Automated and Non-Automated Overdraft Protection Programs to our customers. These programs differ from those offered by Steuben Trust Company. Please see pages 16-23 of the Disclosure Booklet that was mailed to you for more information.

If you use cash management services, you will receive a letter detailing how all of these services will be converted. Our full suite of cash management services includes: cash and loan sweeps, automated clearing house (ACH) services, lockbox, remote deposit capture, account reconciliation, zero balance accounts, positive pay fraud protection and online wire transfers.

Your deposits will continue to be FDIC insured up to the maximum amount allowed by law. If you have deposits that have the same ownership title(s) at both Steuben Trust Company and Community Bank, your deposits will continue to be insured separately for a period of six months after the merger. After that, those deposit amounts will be combined to determine the amount of your FDIC coverage.

CDs that mature during the six-month grace period immediately following the merger and are renewed for the same dollar amount (either with or without accrued interest added to the principal amount) and for the same term as the original deposit, will be separately insured until the first maturity date after the expiration of the six-month grace period. CDs that mature during the sixmonth grace period and are renewed on any other basis, or are not renewed and become savings or checking deposits, will be separately insured only until the end of the six-month grace period. CDs that mature after the end of the six-month grace period will be separately insured until the earliest maturity date of the CD.

If you have a safe deposit box, your box will remain at its current location, unless you are otherwise notified.

Outgoing wire transfers can be initiated by visiting your local Community Bank branch.

If you are a Steuben Trust Company Wealth Management, Trust or Insurance Services client, you will receive a separate communication.

Both Steuben Trust Company and Community Bank utilize M&T Bank for third-party custodian services for municipal collateral pledging. As a result, you won't need to do a thing. Your current agreement will simply be assigned to Community Bank following the merger and daily collateral pledging will continue uninterrupted.

Questions? Call 1-866-764-8638 or visit our website cbna.com.
CBNA branch lobbies begin to reopen. Learn more about our Coronavirus protocols. CBNA branch lobbies begin to reopen. Learn more about our Coronavirus protocols. read more
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