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Community Bank PPP Loans Have Helped over 3,300 Businesses

Community Bank secured approval for approximately 3,300 loans and over $500 million in relief through the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), helping the local businesses and communities in our footprint.

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CBNA Online PPP Portal for Loan Forgiveness
Applying for PPP Loan Forgiveness

We are happy to announce that we have created a digital portal/online platform to be used for the submission of documentation and information required to receive PPP Loan forgiveness from the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Please note:

  • This online portal is separate from any existing digital profiles or online banking accounts you may currently hold with us
  • We will only be accepting requests for PPP loan forgiveness through this online portal

We have begun the process of notifying and inviting our PPP borrowers to register and create their CBNA PPP Portal account. We are working through this process in stages and have invited all borrowers with loan amounts over $150,000 to register at this time. All other customers with loan amounts under $150,000 will be invited to register at a later date.

Invitations to register are sent to PPP borrowers via email, so maintaining a close eye on the primary email associated with the loan is crucial. The email invitation to register will include a unique link for each borrower entity, from which customers will be able to create and set up their CBNA PPP Portal account. Once the account is created, borrowers will be able login, enter and upload information or supporting documentation to apply for full or partial loan forgiveness from the SBA.

While borrowers await their invitation to register and submit their loan forgiveness application, we encourage them to consult with any legal, tax, accounting and other business advisors to review the most current information available from the Small Business Administration (SBA). It is your obligation, as borrower, to understand the SBA's rules and requirements.

For your convenience, below please find helpful links to help guide borrowers through the Loan Forgiveness Application process:

Resources to help borrowers navigate the CBNA PPP Portal registration and application process:

CBNA borrowers are currently being invited to register/create their PPP Portal Account in groups/waves. Our first wave includes borrowers with loan amounts over $150,000 and invitations to register were sent on Monday 9/28. Borrowers will receive an email invitation from us including a unique hyperlink tied to the borrower’s loan. By clicking on that hyperlink, borrowers will be able to create their account and begin the application process. Reminder: To register, you will need to enter your SBA loan number or CBNA loan number (either one), loan amount and the last 4 digits of TIN.

If you are unable to find your PPP Portal Borrower Registration email, please check your spam/junk folder. The registration email from ‘ppp@cbna.com’ may have been filtered to your spam/junk folder. Please note, only CBNA borrowers with loan amounts over $150,000 are currently being invited to register/create their PPP Portal Account. All other borrowers currently do not have access to the CBNA PPP Portal.

No, you can manage multiple loan applications through a single CBNA PPP Portal account. Please note, a unique link will be generated for each business entity that received a PPP loan through Community Bank, which means that you may receive multiple registration emails. Once you create your PPP portal account, you must still click on each unique hyperlink to activate your additional business loan accounts in the portal.

A delegate can access the portal with their own account and login to assist borrowers in completing the application. A delegate cannot eSign the application.

No, a delegate can assist in filling out the application and uploading documents, but only the person designated as the primary contact on the account can sign and submit the application for loan forgiveness.

No. You must request Forgiveness through the CBNA online portal.

Yes. There is no prepayment penalty.

Businesses that received a PPP loan need to request Forgiveness through the bank that processed their loan. If you received a PPP loan through us, you’ll work through our online portal to submit your Forgiveness request. We will keep you informed as we get additional SBA guidance and notify you when it’s time to submit.

You can request Forgiveness once you have spent all of the money. While you don't have to wait until the end of your Covered Period, you may have to make certain certifications to the SBA regarding the entire Covered Period.

It could take up to five months for us and the SBA to review most complete applications, actual times will vary. You won't have to start making payments until the SBA provides a decision on your request or remits the funds.

If you apply for Forgiveness within 10 months after the end of your Covered Period, you don’t have to make a payment until the SBA remits payment of a Forgiveness amount or doesn’t authorize Forgiveness. Of course, you won’t have to make any payments if the SBA authorizes your loan for full Forgiveness. If you don’t submit a complete request for Forgiveness within 10 months after the end of the Covered Period, you will need to start making payments then.

You may be forgiven for all, some or none of your loan. You must repay the principal and interest amount of the unforgiven portion of your loan.

For loans made before June 5, the maturity is two years. For loans funded on or after June 5, the maturity is five years.

Yes, as long as the SBA’s detailed appeal process – which was posted on August 11 -- is followed. For details, visit Treasury.gov.

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