Celebrate Thanksgiving in Style with these 9 Easy & Affordable Decorating Tips

Happy November! The leaves are falling, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. My name is Amie Freling and I was thrilled when Community Bank asked me to share some of my favorite Fall decorating tips here on their blog. There’s nothing I love more than turning a house into a home around the Holidays. I am happy to share with you today 9 easy decorating tips on how you can bring the warmth of Fall and Thanksgiving into your home.

And all this does not have to cost a fortune. Let’s get started!

1) Fall for Your Front Door

There’s nothing that says welcome quite like a front door decorated for the Holidays. Give your guests a taste of what’s waiting inside. Decorating your front porch or front door can be as easy as putting up a Fall wreath, stacking pumpkins and gourds, adding colorful hearty mums, or a new welcome mat. Gather and artfully display pumpkins and gourds in an array of sizes, shapes and colors. I mix faux pumpkins with the real ones. Can you tell which ones are faux?

2. Decorate the Rooms That Count

If the idea of decorating the entire house sounds overwhelming, concentrate on a few key spaces that get used the most. This year I concentrated on the family room. Find your focal point. There’s no fireplace with a mantel so I cleared off the photos from the sideboard hutch and retrieved my collection of mercury glass, velvet pumpkins, gourds and wheat grass.

3. Display Your Favorites

We all have a special collection that’s been handed down or sentimental things that makes us happy. For me, it’s a collection of velvet and mercury glass pumpkins. Each year I add to the collection and what doesn’t make the sideboard get displayed on nearby tables, counters and bookcases. 

4. Create Visual Interest

For an eye-catching vignette make sure your Fall décor has varying heights, shapes and textures. Start by working the outside edges and move in. My larger pumpkins went in the middle. I then tucked in smaller pumpkins, green moss orbs, and a pair of birds for added interest. It took a few times to find the right balance but eventually I got it!

5. Get Cozy and Comfy

The easiest and least expensive way to freshen up and change a look of a room is with accent pillows and throw blankets. For Fall, I added pillows and cozy blankets in warm reds, oranges, and umbers mimicking the colors of the leaves outside. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. On the chair, I used a plaid pillow that reminded me of my favorite cozy flannel shirt!

6. Setting the Thanksgiving Table

If there’s ever time to take out Gramma’s china, Thanksgiving is it! Celebrate in style and give thanks with a table set for a King and Queen. Here, I mixed my good china with thrift store cobalt plates and goblets. When you take the time to make it look well thought out no one can tell the difference. You can decide who does the dishes over the wishbone.

7. Layer on the Warmth

Get creative with your tablecloths. I keep one white or cream tablecloth handy and layer on scarves or thin blankets to add color and texture. Make your own place cards. Use your inner artist and craft these with paper and twine you may already have around the house. Give thanks for the day and gathering with dear friends and family.

8. Creative Centerpieces

Carry the theme from the family room to the dining table. Arrange pumpkins and gourds in a bowl to welcome your guests to the feast. Add branches, pinecones, and berries fresh and faux making sure the centerpiece looks good from all sides. Keep centerpiece low so that the guests on the opposite sides of the table can still see each other. 

9. Benches, Baskets and Boots

The best time of the year for apples is right now. Fill up a basket with apples, gourds, pumpkin or any seasonal fruit. I filled up this wicker basket with fresh apples just picked from our local farmer’s market. These apples will soon be a homemade apple pie but until then they sit on a vintage blanket chest in the foyer.

My philosophy has always been to use what you have. However, you can add small seasonal pieces each year to build your collection. Keep it fresh by keeping your eyes open for deals after the season. Use your imagination and ideas will come naturally when choosing your Fall décor. Happy decorating and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Until next time, 


Amie Freling Brown is a home décor blogger at Meme Hill. She is a Rochester, NY-based designer and artist who transforms ho-hum spaces into works of art. Her creative designs can be found in many fine homes, restaurants and businesses. Her work has been featured in national magazines and on HGTV. See Amie paint the town” on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebookand Twitter. Community Bank N.A. has partnered with Amie to be paid guest blogger as part of a series highlighting local influencers and their expertise.

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