Immense Value in Teaching Kids About Money

For the last few years, Community Bank, N.A. employees have led a financial literacy program with the goal of teaching kids the basics of money. Kindergartners—like at Richmond Elementary School in Richmond, VT—have fun learning the value of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. But the true value of financial literacy is much greater.

“I see at the kindergarten level the importance of children learning about money,” kindergarten teacher Ileen Gilbar said. “Through this program, children are introduced to concepts of spending and saving that play an important foundational role in their growth toward financial independence. Of course, it’s done with fun and games, but the learning is real.”

“The most important thing that a student at this age can take away from a financial literacy lesson would be that they have ownership,” school principal Jeremy Rector said. “They have the ability to make choices that impact them today and in the future.”


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